Student and activity work

The Integrated Strategic Communication major offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to gain transferable skills for industries. We focus on structuring curricula that will help prepare students to become nimble in a changing economy. Through this program, students develop skills in public relations, advertising, event promotion and management, social media and corporate communications. For more information on the courses, visit the course catalog.

Students have collaborated on a range of work, including community and social media outreach plans to company research and analysis. Our clients include:

  • National Women’s Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • The Pixie Project
  • C-Tran
  • Portland Police Bureau
  • Clark County Public Health
  • Baby T-Rex Farms
  • Fostering Together
  • Girls Inc.
  • Washington State University Vancouver
  • Section Magazine

Join us and become part of the Murrow legacy.

Event highlights

Pictured above: Recent Edward R. Murrow College graduates share their experience and advice to fellow Murrow students at the Life After Graduation end-of-the-year event.

Pictured above: CNN anchor Ana Cabrera visits WSU Vancouver to discuss the role of journalism in an era of fake news and politically charged times.

Pictured above: WE Communications in Portland, Oregon welcomes WSU Vancouver students for an agency tour.

Pictured above: WSU Vancouver Murrow students partner with NWCAVE at the No More Summit in Vancouver, Wash.

Pictured above: WSU Vancouver Murrow students pitch media. Garnered attention from KGW.